Let's make sure you get some you time. ready?


every day you work damn

every day you work damn


Let's get you some you time. ready?

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Sassy Mama is a mindfulness, mindset and life management toolbox for modern mums.
I want to help declutter your mind and life, to create space for YOU. With a little mindfulness, some inspiration and a dash of organisation you can carve out some calm in the everyday chaos. Let’s do this.

Hi, I'm 

I'm a writer, mindfulness enthusiast and mum to wonderful twin boys. Loving my children is easy, but parenting has its challenges. In the early days of motherhood, I found myself surviving, not thriving, so I made it my mission to change that.

Je t'aime

Author and twin mum, Je t'aime Hayr explains how mindfulness helps with big feelings.

Je t'aime guests on 'The Word' to share her experience with prenatal depression, the epiphany that led to her writing her children's book, mindfulness and why we need to change our approach to youth mental health.

"What a beautiful book.
I'm confident that parents will find The Little Tiger with the Big Temper really practical as they sit with their children and their big feelings."

Jenny Hale, Author and Parenting Expert at The Parenting Place

“I absolutely LOVE this book. It's a great way to teach kids and parents how they can incorporate mindfulness into their lives. Kids need this book now more than ever.”

Kelly Hamilton (Mum of two)

“This story makes me feel really relaxed when I read it and it also makes me feel calm and safe. Sometimes I feel like Tootles and now I know what to do too when I get really grumpy.”

Gracie, six years old

What a gorgeous book and a simple way to show parents how we can help our children self-regulate. P.S. Straight after reading this I told my daughter she had to go to bed and she felt disappointed. Then I heard her taking four deep breaths before brushing her teeth! We love it!

Kim, (Mum of three)

"A lovely story, filled with wisdom and kindness!"

Cheryl Strawbridge, Ovio Mindfulness

“Children find it challenging to manage their emotions. This captivating rhyming story shares moments that all children can relate to. I absolutely love all the teachable opportunities that this book has to offer.”

Candice De Villiers, Primary school teacher

The Little Tiger with the Big Temper


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