Why support small, local businesses

November 21, 2021

  1. Carla says:

    This is so brilliant, may I share it?

  2. Heartfelt words of wisdom. Operating a small business (non creative- leave that to my daughter in law) takes dedication, hard work and passion. I know your commitment to supporting each other Tem, is shared by many and thank you for so eloquently expressing this for us xx

    • JETAIME HAYR says:

      Thanks for your comment Sandra, yes you are absolutely right about other small (non-creative) businesses. Sometimes it all feels like an uphill battle. And we all do a happy dance on those occasions when it feels as though we are winning. X

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We need to talk about expectations because it seems to be standard these days that everyone’s expectations are too damn high.

As I see it, the challenge for our generation is that we are ‘unlearning’. For example, there’s still a tendency to believe that adults can feel and express anger, but our children must not.

If I ask you what you want your kids to be, chances are you’ll say ‘happy,’ right?

Lockdowns are REALLY challenging for your mental health – and for your children’s wellbeing too. In a time of global uncertainty, I feel a call to sit gently with our emotions and take a conscious approach to the structure of the day.

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