the little tiger with the

big temper

Mindfulness, meditation and conscious communication for little (and big!) kids

One day, Tootles the tiger wakes up in a GRRRIZZLY mood! Luckily, his friend Pippin the Gibbon teaches him an easy way to find a sense of calm.

Do you want to teach children to self-regulate their strong emotions? 

Would you like to be calmer and more connected to your child
- even during their big feelings?

Do you want teaching your child mindfulness to be easy and fun!

Do you want to increase your child’s resilience, focus and wellbeing, while helping them to cope with stress, anxiety or frustration?

The first mindfulness book for kids & adults

Kids LOVE stories, so why not make learning fun? 
The Little Tiger with the Big Temper
is an engaging and interactive story that teaches simple mindfulness techniques. It fosters emotional literacy and self-regulation skills in little ones, while arming adults with a conscious communication approach to navigating a child's strong emotions, so we can practice what we preach.
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In today’s world, young children are inundated with responsibilities, hectic schedules and peer pressure.
Teaching children mindfulness can help. 

Mindfulness can reduce stress, enhance empathy, increase focus and emotional literacy, improve sleep, and help us to self-regulate.
Plus, it brings more pleasure to everyday activities too.

Why wouldn’t we teach our children this life-enhancing skill?

Feel more calm, connected

A child's big feelings can be challenging for them and us. Distracting a child from their emotions doesn't teach them emotional literacy and rushing to fix the problem doesn't teach them to self-regulate. That's why mindfulness can help - us and them.

Mindfulness helps us to pause, calm and restore ourselves, so we can encourage our children to understand their experiences and self-regulate their strong emotions.

The mindfulness tools in The Little Tiger with the Big Temper are a win-win for everyone - in the home and the classroom.


the benefits of


+ Reduce stress & anxiety 
+ Improve focus 
+ Self-regulation skills
+ Improve empathy & communication skills
+ Emotional literacy
+ Reduce bullying by teaching empathy to bullies & coping skills to victims

This fun story teaches 3 simple mindfulness tools

Conscious Communication: A 'coping strategy' that teaches us to respond to a child's big feelings with empathy. 

The Mindful Pause
: A mindfulness technique that allows us to observe and understand our experience in the moment.

Belly Breathing: A mindfulness exercise that restores a sense of calm and takes us out of 'fight or flight' mode.

Reader feedback

"A lovely story, filled with wisdom and kindness."

Cheryl Strawbridge
Ovio Mindfulness Founder & Teacher

"It's a great way for kids and parents to easily incorporate mindfulness into their lives.
Kids need this book now more than ever."

Kelly Hamilton
Mum to Arlo (aged 7) and Olivia (aged 3)

Mindfulness is for busy adults & little kids

With benefits like improved focus, the ability to feel calmer under stress and communication skills, mindfulness is valuable for everyone.  

Modern mindfulness is ideal for our busy lives - no need to go on a silent retreat or burn incense.
A few minutes' practice each day can make a big difference to your wellbeing.  

Mindfulness is not a 'quick fix'; it takes practice. That's why The Little Tiger with the Big Temper gives you and the child an chance to practice mindfulness - every time you read the story. 

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Who is this mindfulness book for? 

Children aged 3-8 that are struggling to identify, understand or self-manage their emotions.

Adults that want to foster a child's emotional literacy and self-regulation skills, and feel more in control during big feelings.

Teachers looking to bring the benefits of mindfulness into their early learning centre or classroom, but aren't sure where to start.

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Mindfulness has made a HUGE difference to how I feel - and how I parent.

I wrote this book when I was struggling to cope with my twins' strong emotions. I found myself 'shushing' them, 'distracting' them or having a tantrum myself! I needed a strategy to help me share my calm instead of contributing to the chaos.

The Little Tiger with the Big Temper helps me to practice, and to share these skills with my little guys - and that's exactly what I hope for you and your little ones too. 

I can't wait to share this book with you!